Ander is the bastard of [insert noble here] and was born into the Weeping Coyote barbarian tribe of Ulek. That tribe in particular doesn't tolerate adultery, so as was custom, he was blinded as an infant and left to die in the wilderness. He survived, yadda yadda yadda. He's aware of his heritage, but he doesn't care about the idea of a noble's lifestyle, and sees it as a burden. He became a bodyguard and a sellsword, partially because of his innate martial skill and partially because of his innate loyalty. He'd more than rather go to the colonies in the Pomarj Peninsula and carve his own fortune than seek nobility, so he did, hoping he could lend his strength to an adventuring party and make a place for himself in history.

The battle standard and sigil of the Weeping Coyote Tribe