Dwarf hold

The Crushing Mountain Stronghold is the largest dwarven stronghold in all of the Flanaess. It is presided over by Stonelord Kilvar Barent, who rules with his right hand Gildal. The stronghold is located in the Crystalmist Mountains, and it is the first line of defense against giants who plague that area. It is by beating back these giants that the Stonelord gained a strong alliance with the Yeomanry League.

The original name of the stronghold has been forgotten, but it existed long before the human migration into the Flanaess. A group of mountain dwarves, led by Dworic Barent, set out to take over the stronghold. They fought against a massive army of goblinoids who had occupied the stronghold for centuries. Dworic set up his mighty armies into an ingenious pincer formation, and they routed the goblins after heavy casualities. After several years, the goblins mounted a counter attack. Nearly all of the dwarves were wiped out. One final battle against a massive hobgoblin warlord named Krubbugad raged in the throne room. Only Dworic and a small group of dwarves were left. The battle raged for days, and eventually the dwarves held strong long enough for a neighboring tribe of dwarves to join in the fighting. The victory was bittersweet, as most of the stronghold was now empty and bloodied. It was on that day that the Crushing Mountain gained its name.