Dez Couland isn't the cleanest guy around. He smells pretty bad. He probably hasn't bathed in a week or two. He sleeps in the stable at old man Henry's farm. He works there for a decent wage, saving up his silver until he can afford to hire a carpenter to build Dez a farmhouse of his own. You see, Dez isn't from the little village of Sheafdale. He didn't grow up plowing the fields, working the land. 

During the Wheat March, Dez was put in charge of a small squad in the militia. 

Dez is a man with a mysterious past who got the group into some hot water during their first visit to Longspear.

While attempting to scout out any other points of entry the deurgar might be using to access the mithril mine, Dez turned and corner and felt his skin begin to burn as if he were plunged into boiling water. Dez turned to look at a likewise surprised Grim, and they both shared an expression of horror as they were drug through the dark mine against their will. Dez tried his best to free himself from the gelatinous creature that filled the hallway, but he was again consumed by the beast. With one last surge of strength, Grim pushed Dez free of the creature, but the damage had been done. Dez succumbed to his wounds and died, his body still burning from the monster's putrid acidic secretions.

The party gathered up Dez's belongings, pausing to consider whether or not to give them to his beloved wife, Francesca.