Dwarves, known as dwur in the Flan tongue, are a stalwart race of warriors and crafters. They are particularly numerous in the various hills and mountains, such as the Iron Hill, Crystalmists, or Lortmils. Within human civilizations, dwarves are found in nearly every nation, especially the Yeomanry league. The Principality of Ulek is the largest nation that is actually controlled by dwarves. Dwarven craftsmanship is legendary, and only matched by that of master elven craftsmen. A dwarf's combat prowess is also the something of many myths, and many nations seek out dwarven mercenaries to bolster their armies.


However, there are also fortresses built into the mountains that outsides are not allowed access to. The largest fortress is the Crushing Mountain Stronghold, presided over by Stonelord Kilvar Barent and his right hand Gildal.

Mountain dwarves live almost exclusively in these fortresses, or in smaller forts that dot the mountains. Their socieities go largely unknown and unnoticed by the rest of the world.

Hill dwarves, a comparatively short and lithe breed of dwarf, live mainly in the foothills surrounding the mountain ranges, and they are the most likely type of dwarf that an outsider would encounter. The Principality of Ulek is the largest nation that is actually controlled by dwarves, and the royalty there is made up of hill dwarves. Hill dwarves are a peculiarity to other dwarves, as they actually seek out adventure and tend to break traditional molds.

Deurgar are generally hard-hearted and of an evil disposition. They live in the Underdark or other suitably deep, dark places. They are dark skinned, and their eyes are usually fiery red. Deurgar have been known to invade dwarven strongholds, and they seem to have a special hatred for their lighter skinned cousins.

Dwarves tend to worship the dwarven pantheon, with Moradin as their chief deity. Deurgar worship evil gods, old gods, and powerful Underdark creatures who have exerted their will upon them.