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Firbolgs are guardians of nature who do their best to protect the natural realms and stay out of sight. They generally disguise themselves when travelling amongst the other races, so as to blend in. Typically they will live with their tribes and do their best to keep the areas under their protection free from harm.

Firbolgs have immense druidic power, and they try to coexist with nature whenever possible. Whenever intruders come, they will try to divert rivers, scare off game, or steal important tools to get them to leave.

Firbolgs are a close-knit race, and they will live with their tribe unless they are banished. They are usually only banished if they commit an unforgivable crime that damages either the tribe or nature.

Among other races, Firbolgs take Elven names, as that is their favored form to disguise themselves in. They, in fact, do not actually use names while living among their tribesmen.

Firbolg are descended from giants, though they do not share the warlike nature of their kin.