Gnomes are a race of small humanoids that are incredibly rare to find. Besides being known for their stature, they are also known for their keen intelligence and endless humor. A gnome will constantly tell jokes and funny stories, and they have elevated riddles to an artform. They will not consider a riddle to be any good if it doesn't take at least a few years to solve. Gnomes are also incredibly good-natured, and they will only become hard-hearted or hateful if they suffer a grievous injury.

Wood gnomes prefer the solitude of the forests, and they live close with nature. They typically befriend pixies or other sprites, whom their coexist with inside earthen burrows.

Rock gnomes live in mountainous areas and are known for their inventiveness. Any dwarven stronghold worth its salt has at least one gnomish inventor near its forges to create ingenious implements of war.

Deep gnomes lack all the humor and good-natured attributes of regular gnomes. They are evil creatures of the Underdark who toil away attempting to find new implements of torture.