Grim was thought to be a hard working miner who was here to help establish a working mithril mine. After the mine was shut down do to missing miners an adventuring party was sent in to make the mine safe again. After one of the parties members died do to unfortunate events, Grim offered to help the party in order to get himself back to where he belonged. Earning the trust of most of the party and the mining camp Grim earned a seat on town council, where he was entrusted with scouts to carry out his bidding. Grim trained these scouts to be his personal army and lined pockets to get what he wanted all doing so while "helping" the party secure a working mithril mine. The party grew and Grim was feeling his plans escape on him after making a powerful enemy in town Grim constantly used his words to spin lies and was getting himself caught up to deep. While out patrolling the jungle the party ran into some lizard men escorting a orc and not giving a reason to trust this orc to help the town Tarod and Grim attacked and killed the Orc known as Keth Barnes. One problem Keth did not stay dead and his corpse reanimated and could not be killed until Grim was no more