Kadrean is a rockhewer from the Principality of Ulek. He was born into poverty in the hill dwarf tribes around the base of the Lortmils. His people were known for their dour nature and resilience. There were countless invasions during his youth from goblinoid tribes, so Kadrean learned to fight from an early age; it was simply a way of life among his people.

He began to train under the tutelage of the village elder, Mordar the Reddened, to hone his martial prowess. Kadrean took over the town militia at a relatively young age and even led several raids against the goblin tribes of nearby caves. His most notable success was clearing out an old Dwarven supply cache which yielded enough treasure to support his village for several years.

Ulek took notice of his actions and invited him to Gryrax to train as a rockhewer. This was an immense honor, especially since he was not of noble birth by any means. After the requisite decades of training, Kadrean became the youngest rockhewer in the organization's storied history. He also became well known for his choice of weapon, a strange artifact smelted by desert dwarves from the far west. It was called a katana, a thin, long blade forged of orichalcum. The other dwarves scoffed at him for using such a brittle weapon, but Kadrean wielded it with deadly precision, which shut up the mockery of his peers.

Kadrean's first major mission abroad was to help assist Ulek's colony on the Pomarj. He saw this as an opportunity to help out his homeland and further his prestige as a rockhewer.