Lambard is a cleric of Pelor. He was not always a cleric, and he served as a common soldier in Furyondy. His calling was swift and brutal. During a battle against the orc armies of Iuz on the northern frontier, his unit was ambushed and slaughtered. Only he was left alive, and a skull (the symbol of Iuz's empire) was carved onto his face. He was sent off to the nearest Furyondyan garrison as a warning. On the way, he became incensed and, in his rage, pulled out his dagger and began slashing at the skull on his face. It was then that he turned around and strode back toward enemy lines.

Pelor's holy light filled him with fiery retribution. Pure energy coursed through his veins, and he walk right into the middle of the orc camp that contained the creatures who had butchered his companions. He murdered all of them. Any attack against him was turned away with blinding light. A scouting party found him under a heap of dead orcs several days later. He was completely unharmed, but he still bore the self-inflicted wounds on his face.

Lambard travelled to the nearest temple of Pelor and pledged himself to the god's service. During his training, he became a vexation to his teachers and fellow initiates. His devotion to Pelor was fanatical, and he would allow for no deviation from the deity's teachings. Lambard found himself sent to the most remote temples, so as he could cause no great interference. After four years on the border of Furyondy, he burned Pelor's temple to the ground. He had decided that Pelor's teachings were being perverted and heretics were breeding like wildfire. He was imprisoned and exiled.

He began wandering until he found himself in Longspear. It wasn't long before he overstayed his welcome and found himself an exile even amongst his own faithful. After branding the face of nobles he deemed as corrupt, he was imprisoned by Spokesman Gregor Alvaro. As punishment, he was sent to do holy work in Freehold, which had recently clamored for a "proper cleric" to help with wounded workers. If remains to be seen how he will fit in with the colony.