Davik Nettles was an enterprising man who traveled to the Pomarj to carve out a profitable life for himself. He eventually found a derelict bridge over the Greenblood River. Seeing the importance of the bridge as the only real access to the interior of the Pomarj, Nettles began repairing the bridge.

After a lot of hard work, he managed to make the bridge serviceable. In return for his work, he charged a toll to cross the bridge. There was no real price set, and he simply asked for any coins that travelers could spare. Business was going well until some bandits under the command of the Staglord visited Nettles.

They demanded monthly contributions for "protection" money, but he refused. He set his guard dogs upon the bandits and ran them off. In retaliation, the Staglord himself came to the bridge. He ordered Nettles to be held down while he skinned all his faithful hounds in front of them and threw their carcasses into the river. Finally, the Staglord slew Nettles and also threw him into the river.

The disturbed soul of Nettles is now bound to the bridge where he keeps a constant vigil. He still charges a toll to travelers to keep the bridge repaired, and he does his best to scare off bandits and monsters with his supernatural hounds.