Pit Viper

Pit Viper was born a slave. He was born into a nomadic life in on the edge of the kingdom of Ket. His tribe was attacked by slavers when he was young, and any who were seen as able bodied were sold into slavery.

He has been shipped around to nearly every corner of the world, from Furyondy to Ahlissa. His last home was on a plantation owned by one of the merchant kings of the Sea Princes. He led a slave uprising there and slaughtered all of his masters. While the rest of the slaves went on a suicide mission of taking over a nearby fort, he slipped away quietly on a merchant ship and ended up in Gryrax.

He spent several years there in back alley fight circles, since he had been used as a pit fighter to entertain his lords on more than one occasion. He planned on making his way to the Colliseum of the Stone Sea in Gryrax to fight in front of the Stonelord himself, but fate had others plans. He got into a brawl with a mouthy noble one night and accidentally killed the man. It was then that he went on the run.

He lived on the fringes of the Pomarj for a few years, falling in with bandit groups and living with trappers in equal measure. He only went by the name they had called him in those back alley brawls, Pit Viper. He became bored with his life, and he was about to return to Ulek when the colonization boom of the Pomarj started. Pit Viper made his way to Pholtesia and began working as a trapper, using the experience he had gained from his fellows. However, when the fighting pit was dug out, he could not resist the rush of battle in the pit. He easily fought his way to the top and earned the respect of many of the colonists. When the arena was constructed, he helped the mason, Hamett, in many ways, and the building was designed with the insight of a lifelong gladiator in mind.

Pit Viper now oversees the daily entertainment of the arena and helps with day to day operations of the arena. From time to time he also fights, as he simply cannot live without the adulation of the crowd.