Quarion is a cleric of Beory, and the councilor of Pholtesia. With the recent talks of Stonelord Ashburn wanting to tame the Pomarj, Quairon's tribe was worried the natural beauty would be destroyed. Quarion wants to preserve as much nature as possible but understands the need for infrastructure, as the Oerth is a large place and many races need to live on it. It was decided that Quarion should go to be an ambassador for his tribe. His goal is to strengthen relations between the common races and Firbolg, and show that they can be trusted. This is also a great opportunity for Firbolgs to discover other races way of life.

Quarion does not know much of the civilized world as he has only experienced it through stories and meeting pleasant hunters and travelers. Because of this, he thinks everything is as wonderful as it is in his little oasis in the forest. He is slightly touched in the head and takes people at their word, does not understand sarcasm, and never questions what people say. He prefers to sit and listen, and desires only to spread goodness to the world. He loves sweets and is not used to them, so whenever he can grab some he will. When posing as a human, he usually dons the guise of an old woman since they usually go unseen.

Quarion's Firbolg tribe distrusts the elves, as historically the elves would shun the Firbolgs and treat them as outcasts. In addition to his other tasks, Quarion hopes to use this opportunity to regain some land back from the elves, and weaken them so that his tribe can spend less time worrying about their threat. However, the elves are aware that the tribe is working with the Stonelord. As Quarion's tribe has studied and lived beside the elves for many centuries, Quarion understands much of the elves' tactics and behaviors, and this will surely come into much use when taming the peninsula.