The Pomarj is perhaps the most dangerous area of the Flanaess. It is home to many different tribes of orcs who all constantly fight for control of the region. But there is one tribe that no orc army dares face: the Skullcrush Tribe. The tribe holds sway over a huge swath of land, operating out of a huge stronghold build by imprisoned ogres. Skullcrush orcs are the most highly trained of them all, as their leaders are carefully selected from not the most savage orcs, but the most cunning.

The tribe began as a small group of orcs who used tactics to outwit their neighbors and decimate forces twice their number. It was their intelligence that led the spirit to them. The spirit was that of Odeon Skullcrush, a half-orc barbarian. Odeon was slain in combat, but he managed to flee from the nether, and his spirit raged into the material plane. He possessed the warchief of this small tribe and began giving them orders. Within two years they had the largest stronghold on the Pomarj. In CY 540, they very nearly overran the Principality of Ulek, who managed to barely hold them off with heavy dwarven infantry.

Now the tribe is building their army, destroying the competition and assimilating the smaller tribes of the Pomarj. Where they will spill into next is anyone's guess.