The Pomarj Peninsula is an area with a bloody history. It was once home to wood elves in ancient times, and they were then pushed out by early human tribes of slavers. The slavers were then displaced when the orcs of the eastern tip rallied under the banner of the Skullcrush Tribe.

The orcs controlled the whole peninsula for many years, kept in check by the dwarves from the Principality of Ulek and the wood elves of the Kingdom of Celene. When Iuz began his incursion during the Greyhawk Wars, the major nations of the Flanaess had to turn their attention to the cambion demon's threat. It was then that the Skullcrush Tribe struck. They pushed their borders to its limit, razing Elven and Dwarven keeps alike. During the Pact of Greyhawk, they were beaten back to the Pomarj.

During the Blighted Thrust, the orcs began their marches anew, now helped directly by an avatar of Gruumsh. They pushed into the territories of Ulek and Celene. Their rampaging seemed unstoppable. However, Iuz himself sent one of his despoilers, Krusk, to challenge Gruumsh's avatar. Krusk easily dispatched the massive orc, decapitating him within the first few seconds of the fight. All the orcs rallied around Krusk and marched against Ulek, thoroughly devastating the kingdom.

Once Krusk left to do more of Iuz's bidding, the infighting started. Once the news of the Despoiler's betrayal reached the whole of the Flanaess, the Orcish hordes were thrown into disarray. From this point, the orcs were easily beaten back by Ulek and Celene. Other neighboring kingdoms joined the fight, and they pushed the orcs to the far eastern tip of the Pomarj. It was there that a large group of clerics bombarded the area with divine magic, smiting all evil that dwelt there and blighting the land in the process.

All the forces left the Pomarj to defend their home kingdoms, and the Pomarj was left alone for nearly nine decades. In that time, nature has retaken the peninsula, and all sorts of savage creatures have reemerged to establish dominance. All sorts of criminals and unsavory characters have also made the peninsula their home.
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