Wovok Nethergazer is a warlock who has given himself over to the power of the Great Old One, Cthulhu. He is also a member of the Cult of Erevan, a cabal of warlocks who worship the demigod Erevan, who grants immense power to those who study the dark arts.

Though a warlock, Wovok typically fights for "good" causes, though it is typically just to increase his power.

He was born in Furyondy, but he spent time in the Yeomanry League researching the caveronous entrances to the Underdark. He knows quite a bit about the dark depths of the Underdark, and he is said to have contacted many strange entities that live there. In truth, he was apprenticed to a mindflayer for a while.

Wovok became bored with his master and left the Underdark to seek out more power topside. This journey led him to Oaken Hill where he currently works as the colony's spymaster.